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Getting your website noticed online relies heavily on Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO – and Derby’s premier web specialists are on hand to help! We offer top-quality SEO for Derby businesses and individuals, allowing your site to shine among the hundreds of other competitors in search results. Great optimisation draws people in, attracts their attention and gets them interested in your products or services, and it can make all the difference when it comes to meeting sales targets or getting recognition on a wider scale.

Here at Web Design Derby, we offer skilled SEO for Derby and the surrounding areas, including consultancy, creation and implementation to help your business blossom online. Whether you’re an individual seeking to raise your web profile, a small company looking to expand, or a larger business seeking to enter new markets, SEO can help you to maximise your potential on the internet.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly referred to as SEO, is the creation of web content that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others value highly. What each one classes as worthwhile content varies, but general elements apply across the board.

They are designed, when given a specific term, name or concept, to produce a list of the most relevant webpages relating to the query. A quick hunt for ‘Derby’ will throw up several links to information about the town and county, but also a couple to horse racing or perhaps football, in light of the use of this word when describing a specific race or local competition. These are all relevant links, all are potentially useful to the individual seeking information (as we cannot discern their intent), and this positive combination will encourage them to use that search engine again in the future.

The way search engines decide if a website or webpage is relevant and/or useful is by looking at all aspects of its composition. Is the URL (web address) linked to the product or service being sold? Is the information (text, pictures etc.) on the page also linked to the product or service? Is the rest of the site equally pertinent?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, the search engine will give that website a favourable rating, viewing it as trustworthy. If the answers are ‘no’, the webpage may struggle to rank well in results, or may be removed completely from the results list (which happens more often than you might think!).

Of course, SEO isn’t always that straightforward. A company selling numerous, varied products (such as Amazon, or one of the major supermarkets) will not have a cohesive theme to every page in the same way that a specialised company such as Holland and Barratt will. That’s where we come in. As SEO specialists, we help Derby businesses of all shapes, sizes and specialisms to create optimised websites that search engines will value.
And when a site is fully optimised, the differences to you and your company can be profound. Sales often increase dramatically, and remain high as more consumers are directed to your site. Enquiries for new business and trade links invariably rise; and as your site gets more visitors you can use information such as the products they browse for most, pages they read most and the times of day they tend to visit to guide further SEO tweaks, along with marketing strategies such as sales and advertising slots.

Derby SEO provision

There are two main types of SEO used within the industry: onsite and offsite. We offer both, as they are often used in differing circumstances yet can complement each other very effectively depending on the purpose of your website.

At Web Design Derby, we work with you to decide which SEO elements your website already possesses, which are missing, and which will be most likely to boost your site’s profile and reputation. This last aspect is crucial, as not every webpage needs every possible aspect of SEO – in much the same way as not every recipe uses every single spice in your cupboard. It’s the careful selection and combination of different optimisation techniques that will make your site stand out from the crowd, and consequently rank higher in search results.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO incorporates any changes that are made to the website itself, in order to make it a more appealing prospect to search engines. This includes changing the web address of various pages, altering or adding text to pages to make them more informative and useful to searchers, changing page titles and descriptions, and even subtle changes such as renaming images to reflect what they show.

Onsite optimisation often makes use of SEO copywriters, who create unique, individualised text to go on a webpage in which word choice and word order are manipulated to make the text more attractive to search engine algorithms.

This option for SEO is popular with Derbyshire firms who are looking to expand their online sales presence or encourage service enquiries.

Offsite SEO

This is often generically referred to as link-building, and essentially relies on the quality of information on other websites to bolster your own site’s reputation – performing much the same function as references do in the workplace. Links to reputable web pages can be through straightforward URL links or buttons, but are most often embedded into blog posts or articles which discuss a matter relating to your own website’s purpose, and mentions other similar pages as a natural part of the blog.

Search engines will see that your site is linked to another, which it already ranks highly, and so it will often boost your own site’s ranking as a result of the association.

Equally, getting other web pages to link to your site is crucial. If other websites are taking the time and effort to direct people to your product or service, that tells the search engine that your website must be offering something good – and again, your reputation and rankings with that search engine will often improve.

Derby’s top businesses tend to choose this approach when aiming to develop greater brand recognition on a local or national scale.

So if you know your website lacks excitement, the blurb needs spicing up or you’re struggling to plan your site navigation in a logical and comprehensive manner, SEO could be the answer. Our Derby specialists are on hand to answer your queries, discuss your requirements and offer advice on what aspects of SEO will benefit you most.

Sometimes just getting a second opinion helps you to focus your ideas. But for some, that might not be enough, and if that’s the case for any and all websites requiring SEO, Derby’s premier web design company is on hand to find the solution that works for both your business and your budget.

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